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1991 gmc vortec - 6 speed

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  • 1991 gmc vortec - 6 speed

    1991 gmc - 6 speed. Click image for larger version

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    the parts list.. impressive.

    I'd go for the wet sleeve SBC 350 from blueprint, keep it looking exactly the same under hood.
    heads, controls, accessory etc.


    I am at 5k now for a 96 gmc with the vortec in place.. and priceless welds etc.
    the 350 in this '91 is a bomb, but there is cures...
    truck deserves it.

    one for the gipper as one might say.
    there is a traditional 350 to be had.. (it finished off in 98 - the engine in this truck.)

    still following this one.
    seems it is bumped up by a thousand.

    3 errors to spot..
    the ht6 pump is the old version. No baked silicon coating...rounded front cap. This means the back cap will leak.. no cure until the latest version.
    the aftermarket computer takes the mysteriously perfect GM 4 wire alternator control away... a full LED swap helps.
    and it still has the errored cab mounts. (Energy suspension fixes that cheaply) to align bed to cab better.

    I'd still do it.
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