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34 Ford Coupe

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  • 34 Ford Coupe

    This car was built by my dad, for a customer that never drove it............ Customer lost interest/funding and the car was sold to dad's long time friend. The car is 45 miles from me, I have driven it and it has spent time in my garage. I don't know what his bottom price is, sadly, I CANNOT buy it. :'(

    This guy is NOT a flake and it is a COOL ride

    PS the car was built in Indiana, sold to Lakeland, Fl, and moved to Ky. For the two major road trips it was "shipped" via enclosed transport.....still looks new

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    Re: 34 Ford Coupe

    Nice looking car except the painted brake line. I wonder what reserve is


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      Re: 34 Ford Coupe

      The painted lines were 'specked' by the original owner, don't know why he chose not to go with stainless lines.

      I don't know the reserve, I don't want to go there.

      I do know that the car will sell for less that it cost to build. He got a deal, and it looks like he is planning on passing it on.

      If I had the money, I would buy it in a second.