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it's a boater home!

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  • it's a boater home!

    not much else to be said. $30k

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    Re: it's a boater home!

    I've seen that one in used to live a few miles from me. The guy had a bar at the corner of Bowles and Coalmine in Littleton and had that parked out front....the gray building to the left in the pic is the bar. For some reason (we think taxes) the bar was closed overnight, the boater home disappeared and the bar is now being turned into something else. I never saw it move under it's own was in really rough shape too.
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      Re: it's a boater home!

      Awe man!

      I was hoping for someone turning a motorhome into an amphibious houseboat/car! Instead it's just an Econoline that got rearended by a cabin cruiser...
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