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Bradley GT Attention: STINEY

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  • Bradley GT Attention: STINEY


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    He's also got a Yugo, obviously a connoiseur of fine automobiles.
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      Those Bradleys do have good aero.

      There's a guy at work here that put a megasquirted EFI VW in one with a modified trans to get a good overdrive ratio - he's one of those mad scientist types, I think he gets like 48mpg with the thing.
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        I actually had a Bradley GTII, which was a MUCH more refined version. It was actually a really cool car with real curved under rockers and real doors, real interior, etc. I believe the one I had was built by the company who produced the Bradleys, it MIGHT have been an private builder, but I doubt it. It was really well done.

        My 9 year old is still giving me grief for selling it when he was 5.......
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