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Yugo + Toronado = ?!

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  • Yugo + Toronado = ?!

    '88 Yugo GV, converted to RWD using the 455 and transaxle from a Toronado. This is begging for death.

    Craigslist- '88 Yugo
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    Okay, where tf is that, seriously. I'm in need of a good 455bbo. I can see a travel trailer/sleeper unit for camping with what's left, god knows there won't be enough leftto make it worth the effort of scrapping, money-wise, then again who in their right mind would want that carcas lying around the playground.


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      got it...Michigan phone number


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        Watch where you put your right elbow, or the 455's fan will cut it off.
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          This would be a cheap way to get into the drag race or drag strip scene.
          This would be a cheap way to get yourself killed.



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            reminds me of the corvair with the v8 behind the front seats.

            I guess a benz crank flat six was too difficult.

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              holy F* !!! Rolling death. I've always wondered with the Toronado transaxle, how do you keep the spindles from pivoting? Could you cut the ends off, shorten them up and use regular axles / ends? If you could get the hillbilly tire stance out of that car I would very seriously consider it. lmmfao - this is alcohol, boredom, and a torch at it's finest.
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