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Olds Jetfire 215 V8 Turbo Rocket System for sale.

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  • Olds Jetfire 215 V8 Turbo Rocket System for sale.

    Pile more pictures and info on the thread.
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    that is so badass... meth injection in the 60's.
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      Cool, I hope it finds its way back onto a car! wonder how much it flows / boost.


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        Amazing stuff for 63. The carb linkage is kind of a nightmare. They don't flow much NA (400cfm?) and boost is pretty low stock 3-5 lbs?. I helped modify one of those for EFI last year for Bob Keller. Havnt heard back re: how it went. Ive still got another set-up sitting here in the shop that I need to return to him. The pics are of the throttle body and tapered throat and funky air cleaner adaptor that we made to replace the side draft Rochester 3 venturi staged flow carburetor . Bob put the injectors in the outlet of the turbo. He ditched the methanol injection and gave the motor to K Duttwieler to finish up and dyno. I think Bob was looking for about 320hp out of that combo at 6lbs boost, or I could be mangling it. Wish I knew the outcome. Ill try to find out more.
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