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    Now THESE were some odd little cars
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    Bunch of them around here. Local Shriners used some, and some were used in the aircraft plants. There's a nice one in the Kansas Aviation Museum here in Wichita.
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      Look like rebodied E-Z Goes ...... Did the engine run backwards for reverse too?
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        From what I remember that should be an 8 hp briggs - I am not sure they had reverse. If it did, I imagine it was starter/generator pulleyed. The advertisements and videos I've seen of them on the History Channel's "Automobiles" show from years ago had the guy lifting the front end up and pulling it to the direction he wanted to go. They were apparently street legal, which makes me kind of want one until I see that DFW is a land of F250 Super Yachts who's tires are taller than the car!
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          okay, I caved. Had to look it up... they were Wisconsin powered, no reverse.

          My Ezgo spins backwards for reverse, but it's a two stroke Robin... from what I could see it moves the timing plate when you switch for reverse and the starter/gen runs backwards and starts the motor backwards. It'd be a great transplant for a King!
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          Flying south, with a flock of bird dogs.