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1979 Suzuki GS1000E For Sale

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  • 1979 Suzuki GS1000E For Sale

    I picked this great bike up over the Winter and spent a few months tearing her down and giving her some much needed love! I sent all the sheet metal off for a professional repaint. The bike was originally black but plain black bores me so I had it sprayed in a beautiful basecoat/clearcoat black that is filled with green, purple and blue metal flakes that are not really noticeable till you get about 5 feet away or if the sun hits it directly. While the paint was off at the shop I tore the bike down, replaced a gushing tach drive seal and did a LOT of cleaning up. The carbs were rebuilt and synced to the Vance & Hines 4-1 header, new spark plugs installed and the timing set. I also noticed at this time that she had upgraded ignition coils and electronic ignition. I found a OE seat grab bar and ordered all the mounting hardware from Suzuki. Took the gauge cluster, headlight and taillight all aprt, cleaned everything up, installed all new bulbs, redyed all the black plastic parts then reassembled with all new NOS Suzuki bushings. Speedo cable and tach drive cable have been replaced. Disassembled and rebuilt all the brake calipers, repainted with satin black hot coat and put back together. Replaced the handlebars with chrome EMGO Superbike bars after lubing all the speedo cables and rebuilding the front brake light switch. All the switches and controls work as designed including the infamous headlight/taillight "kill" switch for when you need to run silent and deep!
    Tires were already in great shape, the chain and drive sprockets also had been previously replaced and are in great condition.
    When all the sheet metal came back the tank and side covers got all new NOS Suzuki badges installed along with NOS Suzuki rubber mount bushings. Also has a brand new AGM dry cell battery installed. I am sure there is something I missed but you get the point, bike is nice and just needs a new home. The only thing I dont like is the cheezy turn signals. I have been looking for a nice original set to install, just have not found anything that nice yet.
    The bike currently has 2 broken exhaust studs, the exhaust doesnt really leak until you hit about 8K RPM. I have put about 150 miles on her with no real issues, looks like the center cam tower gasket is starting to leak a bit. She currently has just shy of 23,000 original miles.
    This GS1000E was the fastest bike of its time, AMA award winner and just cool. Problem is I am not that tall and this bike is a handful so I need something more my scale and a little lighter
    I do not need help selling/trading the motorcycle, if you see the ad is still up it is still for sale so dont send me that email either.
    I have a ton of pics and other details for someone that is serious about the motorcycle but please do not waste my time and I will not waste yours.

    $3000 best offer or an even better trade!

    Please email or PM for details
    I am located in Central Illinois near Bloomington-Normal

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    Re: 1979 Suzuki GS1000E For Sale

    Super clean vintage sport bike.