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  • FE Ford parts, 428, 390...

    All prices best offer, mix and match, combine shipping, I'm flexible,
    please email milner351 at

    4.25 stroker crank, Eagle, new in box, BBC rod journal diameter.

    6.7000 Scat connecting rods, new in box, BBC.

    Cast 428 pistons .030" over (4.125 + .030") 4 valve relief style, with rods and rings.

    428 stock rods.

    390 GT iron heads, 8 exhaust port side holes, ported and polished, bronze guides installed, bare. Most top exhaust port mount holes have been drilled for through bolts.
    C8AE-H castings. Ready to assemble.
    There's always something new to learn.

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    what are you asking on the 390 heads ?
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      One billion dollars

      Flying south, with a flock of bird dogs.


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        390 heads sold to a guy from the FordFE forum for $275.

        Cast pistons with stock rods and arp bolts sold on Ebay for $150ish.

        I still have the Eagle cast stroker crank, and the 6.7" BBC rods these are brand new, still in the plastic in the factory boxes.
        I'm down to $450 on the crank and $250 on the rods - make me an offer.
        There's always something new to learn.


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          Are the crank or rods still available?
          1966 Fairlane 390FE/4 Spd


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            Sorry, I should have followed up here. The rods and crank are Sold - Randal bought them for his tbird.
            There's always something new to learn.