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Fox body parts for sale!!!!!!!

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  • Fox body parts for sale!!!!!!!

    Racing and Mustang Items FOR SALE!!!!

    Well I guess your wondering why I want to sell this stuff, well, I have a big block in my Mustang now and need some serious $$$$ to buy a set of cast heads and have them cut and fixed for all the stuff that is in my old set of heads, the old big block Heads have gotten a hole in them and it smokes and steams out one said of my big block lol, guess thats what i get going to different motor lol, but anyway come check out all my stuff I HAVE FOR SALE here and contact me and help a Gear Head get his ride back on the ROAD!!!!!!!!

    Ok, guys, Just going to make it CLEAR, Shipping IS EXTRA!!!!

    -Ford 4 bolt Underdrive Crank Pulley!!
    (ONLY THE CRANK PULLEY/NOTING ELSE!!) $40.00 or Best Offer!!!

    -TRW (6) 0.030 302/5.0 Pistons!!!! $60.00 or Best Offer!!!

    -1979-93 Mustang/Capri Manual Master Cycl W/ Firewall Adapt Plate
    $100.00 or Best Offer!!!

    -1979-1982 Ford Mustang/Capri Factory Windshield Wiper Cowl Panel
    $100.00 or Best Offer!!!

    -1987-93 Ford Mustang Tilt Wheel Steering Wheel Cover (3 Pieces)
    $35.00 or Best Offer!!!

    -1987-93 Ford Mustang Aftermarket Ashtray Switch Plate (Smooth/Plain)
    $50.00 or Best Offer!!!
    With 4 Flip Switchs

    -Pioneer Cd Player Removable Face Plate DEH-2700
    (Face ONLY!!!) $25.00 or Best Offer!!!

    -Pioneer Cd Player Removable Face Plate DEH-15
    (Face Plate ONLY!!!) $25.00 or Best Offer!!!

    -BRAND NEW!!!! 555-7456 - Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter for Tremec 500/600
    $200.00 or Best Offer!!!

    -Ford 5.0/5.8 Small block Aluminum bell housing For Tremec TKO !!!!!
    $150.00 or Best Offer!!!

    -Ford 5.0 Small block Screw-In Studs and Guide Plates !!!!!*
    $100.00 or Best Offer!!!

    -1986 Ford 5.0 Small block Small Combustion Chamber Heads !!!!!*
    $200.00 or Best Offer!!!

    -Blue Roller Rocker Arms/PolyLocs For Small block 5.0 Ford Heads !!!!!*
    $125.00 or Best Offer!!!

    -Comp cam Flat Tap. Hydr. for 5.0 Small block Ford / Grind # 265DEH*
    $75.00 or Best Offer!!!

    -Head bolt Stud Kit for 5.0 Ford Small Block* $50.00 or Best Offer!!!

    -1979-1983 3 Piece Spoiler For Hatch Back For Mustangs/ Mercury Capri !!!!!

    *(Will Sale all items in good deal for the right price, just make a offer !!!!!)
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