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  • Grommets-Valve Cover

    A pretty basic part, it goes in a hole and has a hole to take, in this case a PCV valve.
    I've had several types of valve cover and many grommets but I have never had a grommet that fits tight in the valve cover hole....real sloppy and dribbling oil.
    Also these grommets have never taken a PCV valve without being real loose.
    I see no point in this setup if it's not really tight/leak free.

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    Wrap the PCV in electrical tape so that it pushes the grommet out to fill the space and seal it all up.
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      Originally posted by 65RHDEER View Post
      Wrap the PCV in electrical tape so that it pushes the grommet out to fill the space and seal it all up.
      Done that but the oil defeats the tape.
      Best they get it right.


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        we completely gave up on the grommets for the camaro, welded in some AN fittings, tube to the puke cylinder we made, and let the atmosphere take it from the heat and the nice vent on the top, or hook the PVC up there.


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          I'm gonna guess the hole in the valve cover is just punched/drilled into the thin sheet material without a flange folded over and will probably never seal as is. If a second piece of sheet (cut into a ring shape) could have a snug fitting hole in it and be fastened/sealed to "sandwich" underneath so that it doubled things up and filled the groove in the grommet better, that might do it. Such a thing could be added to the top surface instead so the cover would not have to come off and it wouldn't have to be aluminum, it could be plastic or something, but would have to be sealed. As far as the valve's fit in the middle, I wouldn't know what to do except shop grommets until a tighter one was found...something to mess with before working on the valve cover in case the outer hole size were a little different.

          I've never had much luck using elec. tape for such things because of "creep" in the adhesive, worse under heat and oil. Soon just a gooey mess. Once-upon-a-time I came across a roll of a similar tape but colored brick-red and it made an excellent sealer and repair tape but I don't know what it was for exactly and I wish I did 'cause I'd buy more.

          Added thought: I've had some luck using a few wraps of the larger/thicker sizes of Teflon tape (for plumbing), there's no adhesive to goo up and it takes the heat well. The initial surface on the PCV would need to be super clean and maybe a little rough for it to stay put over time.
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            Been there, best quick and dirty fix is high temp shrink tube. It can take the heat and it stays put for a long time..
            The cheap stuffs ok but you have to double it up. NEMA rated shrink tube is a little bit thicker and resists oil and heat..


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              The covers I have at the moment aren't that thick but the previous ones were, Summit tall aluminum......they too were sloppy.
              I'd prefer covers without holes and then cut my own to 'undersize'.


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                I used a grommet from a 1986 Ford Taurus with 6 cylinder. Fits good and tight. Pcv fits tight too. Read about it in Hot Rod a few years ago when they were working on some rat rod truck thi g.


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