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Windshield Polishing

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  • Windshield Polishing

    Anybody had this done?
    I have noticeable sand pitting and was wondering if polishing would be a viable alternative to replacing the windshield.
    Does it end up creating distortion in the glass?

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    Re: Windshield Polishing

    use a pro. it costs a lot - its best use is windows for which there is no replacement..... when I get to my 50 Buick, one of those 'pricing' things I did going forward was polishing the side and rear windows.... $500 for the rear and $500 for the 2 side windows I'm keeping.... compare to: the one piece replacement for the front window, costs $480.... new. Oh and no guarantees, you have to pay in advance and if the window blows up - it's your problem not theirs....

    one thing, though, if they do polish it - it will look brand new - and they can even fix some clouding (which I didn't realize they could do)
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      Re: Windshield Polishing

      I got these grains, mixed them in water, tried to polish some 66 glass. Did not realize I needed the base to mix the cerium oxide in. 150 right out the door to see if you can do it. Ended up replacing the glass.

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