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1970 Mustang Coupe Replacement Roof

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  • 1970 Mustang Coupe Replacement Roof

    A friend has just imported a 1970 Mustang Coupe sight unseen.It's a clean car but under the vinyl roof it is a horror story.
    Online I can find an overdose of fastback replacement roofs but no coupes.
    Anyone know any sources, roof, sail panels and rear window. Click image for larger version

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    Cannot count the thousands of cloth topped roofs that were powder! Dumbest idea ever!


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      The one I have seen the most is CJPONY parts. I would see what others are doing, most probably making it work, but they might say a later year might fit better.

      We got the entire roof for the Chevelle and there is a ton of fitting anyway, both corner windows have to be split and fit, as well as the extra they give you along the sides.


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        Malc: From the brief bit of recon I did, I found no hits for 69-70 coupe roof, but looking at it, I'd be surprised if any of the upper structure under the roof skin is any good anyways, so looks like you're going to need to find a wrecker in AZ (or some place DRY at least), and have them cut you off the entire roof, sail panels etc.

        But, I did see one vendor selling all the required new bits to convert a coupe to a fastback, but make sure you're sitting down when you see the price!!

        AMD does not list a roof, fastback or coupe

        Dynacorn only lists Fastback roof

        CARID only lists Fastback roof[ourSubModelName][]=Base

        CJ's only lists Fastback roof

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          Found a roof and sail panels at stang-aholics but for a 66.
          I'll get the 'stang owner to contact them.
          Thanks appreciate it.


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            Time to brace the floor/unitbody and make it a drop top.
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              Originally posted by Deaf Bob View Post
              Cannot count the thousands of cloth topped roofs that were powder! Dumbest idea ever!
              But, was it?
              It was an option folks likes back then.
              I think the lack of painting under the vinyl covered part is where the problem is.
              Would vehicles painted in the old lacquer paint still cracked /checked from age even under the top.?
              I have no clue if that type paint would not crack under the vinyl. but the vehicles I've seen that had those type vinyl roofs, had no paint under them other than the very edges.


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                Had a 71 Camaro that I stripped the vinyl top off of . It had paint under the glue . It also had a little surface rust in a few spots .
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                  I like the convert it to a convertible idea. Would that cause registration problems?
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                    Originally posted by oletrux4evr View Post
                    I like the convert it to a convertible idea. Would that cause registration problems?
                    More than likely as every privately imported car has to be inspected by an official engineer.
                    Everything is documented length, height, wheels and tires etc.

                    A friend of mine has had to etch the VIN into his Corvette´s chassis, where America puts it is not good enough.
                    I stamped mine on the strut tower.