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Springs/Rockers for Vortec heads

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  • Springs/Rockers for Vortec heads

    So I've got some 062 Vortec heads I'm swapping on to the C25 when the weather gets a bit warmer. I've got most of the parts I need now, but the machine shop I talked to said he needs to know what springs I'm using when I get the valve guides machined. This is the most intrusive work I've done myself, so it's still a learning experience.
    what rockers and valve springs would you recommend? I have OE Vortec valve covers, so not the tallest ones, but if need be, I'll just buy some tall boys. This is still for my daily I should mention.
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    if i remember right, vortecs take a narrow body/self aligning rocker
    thats different from a gen-1 sbc.... i believe you can use the vortec
    stuff on the gen-1 but NOT vice versa.

    however, i have been hit in the head ALOT, so double check that........

    springs will be to match the cam.
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      I have a bucket of take (set of springs, retainers, and rockers) offs from vortec heads - they're yours if you want them... I keep them around mostly because I never think to toss them and I figure the folgers can doesn't take much room .... but stock just isn't something I do.
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        Originally posted by SuperBuickGuy View Post
        .... but stock just isn't something I do.

        what is this "stock" thing you speak of?


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          I have a set of new, take off ,springs/ retainers/and rockers from a truck crate engine. but the shipping would be nuts.
          While we were researching building it .

          If you plan on a cm with any type of lobe lift you'll need to open up the pushrod hole in the head.

          Good luck.
          The hot ticket is ls6 or 9 beehive springs and the smaller retainers they use. This gets you a little more lift out of the heads before you get into coil bind and have to cut the heads guide and spring pocket.
          You don't gain a ton, but it allows you to have a taller lift than 0.480" iirc it gets you to 0.520 but again remember the pushrod holes, it is easier to open them up off the engine than on it.
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            One of the G.M. f body forums has a ton of threads on this. My old laptop is dead so I don't have that forums name. I want to say 3rd gen, but ..


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     has the info you need. It's in a sticky thread and everything is there.