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1971 pontiac 350 California vacuum question

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  • 1971 pontiac 350 California vacuum question

    Hello all. Hope you all are enjoying some quality time in the garage. I’m trying to get the Pontiac running.........better. Cold starts this thing screams and won’t shut off if I cover the carb. Gave me a hint that I could have an intake leak, which I did...... sprayed cylinders 5 and 7 with a squirt of gas and rpm went up. I tore down to replace and found an open path in one of the vacuum lines, I was wondering
    1. what is this? And what is it for?
    2. How can I get a better seal on the intake gasket. I put this one on last summer. When it’s cold it leaks but it gets a little better as the car gets hot.

    My truck is diesel and gas is below 2$ a gallon here just outside detroit so the Pontiac will get the call to service this summer.

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      Do they offer thicker gaskets than stock spec for when the engine or heads get milled ?
      sorry no idea on the vacuum line .
      If no thicker gaskets can you use gorrilla snot ( permatex brown sticky stuff in a bottle-container . And glue two gaskets together ?


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        I suppose I could try gasket goop.