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Spot weld holes

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  • Spot weld holes

    How big should they be?

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    I have found that it depends on the task... If hanging a new panel, generally, I shot for the size required for ...1/8 inch... if salvaged panels 3/16 or 1/4 inch is not uncommon....
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      I do 3/16
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        I use a letter A, or .234. I think I-CAR recommends 5/16 but I tend to run the MIG on the hot side, so don't need the extra volume in the hole to try and make a weld stick. Plus, never seen a spot weld on sheet metal that large in diameter, so why should a plug weld be that big....

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          My spot weld cutters are 3/8" and 1/2", I am assuming that the spot welds ( from the OEM ) are 5/16" ( as mentioned above ) and 7/16". I also have a hole punch for doing plug welds that's 1/4", which I prefer. I don't see a need to go any larger when using a MIG to plug weld panels in. Check out 3M panel adhesive. The stuff works great.