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    Originally posted by MP&C View Post
    For "close", the difference in meaning changes from buyer to seller...

    Buyer: He said it was "close", this should be an easy fix...

    Seller: Glad he showed up I was "close" to throwing that away...

    I don't think you're far off - I should have questioned them when they said "it was the last one they had available".... had I known they meant "we've messed this up so badly that we give up" - I may have just bought the tools and messed it up myself....
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      Originally posted by MP&C View Post

      For that, you have a weld above and below that have shrunk, pulling the panel together horizontally from front to back. The "extra" metal has formed a pucker as it looks for somewhere to go. Stretch the weld and the bulge will relieve, flattening the panel. Shrinking caused the issue, more shrinking does not fix it. Stretch the weld.. Stretch the weld...
      Thank you for sharing this, it makes sense and seems obvious once it's pointed out.

      And SBG, thanks for asking some good questions to the right guy.
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