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Diy lifting point, crane? Not sure what to call it

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  • Diy lifting point, crane? Not sure what to call it

    I've got a lot of lumber laying around and 10 foot ceiling height. I'm giving some thought to building a lean to with a fixed beam to hang chain falls from. It would be 10 feet span with 3) 2x6 laminated for the exterior post. It would sandwich one of the rafters with ply, 3) 2x4 stud for the garage wall connection, 2) 2x12 beam with stud spacer so it can sit on either side's supports - kind of like below. I never had any engineering math, honestly was lucky to get out of school. What I'm wandering is how I figure out if this is strong enough to hold half a ton on chain falls or should I be looking for I-beam and stop goofing around? The hoist would be centered, I guess I should say.

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    It might be stronger if you built it like a door/window header......2x6, 1/2 ply, 2x6, 1/2 ply, 2x6......
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      strongest bench I ever made out of wood had that long center piece and two smaller to support the ends. If this is permanent, having that center 2x6 go all the way to the ceiling would be my only suggestion to assure no tipping. Then just add the outside boards from the top of the horizontals. I would not be worried about 1000 pounds, just look for the crown of the top rafters to be sure. You can always get a pole jack to use as extra support in the middle to put by the work, or add a brace to the floor as close to the lifting point.
      I have been looking for i beams for a while, wanting to build a straight, square frame table so I can stop screwing around with the mickey mouse stuff, its kinda rough. Quoted new steel from my supplier across the street and was not much different than the used stuff out there.


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        I found a 6" pipe A-Frame for pretty cheap, only used for 14 liter tractor trailer diesels and the random bulldozer diesel. Now I just need a tractor to move it around. lol.
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          If you sandwich in a piece of sheet metal between the layers of the laminated beam, it makes the beam so much stronger. I have made beams like that in the past with good luck.