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Stock car wide 5 bolt pattern needed

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  • Stock car wide 5 bolt pattern needed

    Hi, does anyone know off hand the wide 5 bolt pattern for stock car wheels? I looked on google, and I found differing info: both 10-1/8" and 10-1/4". So I'm not sure if there was 2 different patterns used, or if one of the sources is wrong, or if they are both wrong. Thanks, Joel
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    Wide 5 Ford 10.25 inches

    Wide 5 VW 205mm

    Speedway motors Tech support telephone:

    Order Line - Available till 10pm (CST)

    Tech Support - Available till 5pm (CST)
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      I found it from wilwood. they are 10.25"


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        Hi Joel! Whatcha building? I know it'll be sexy.



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          Dan, I think you are going to like this! I bought a 1927 Ford Model T rear engine modified roadster land speed car. It has 15 years of wear and tear on it, so I am freshening it up, and converting it from chevy power to a blown lincoln flathead to run XXO/BFRMR. Me and my son Cam are doing it as a team.
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            So yesterday, I was at work trying to order some wheels to fit a different set of rear tires for salt racing, and the car was at home so I couldn't measure it.
            It has a winters Xstremeliner rear end with Wilwood wide 5 hubs.
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              Very cool! Set up for El Mirage?
              Flying south, with a flock of bird dogs.


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                Originally posted by Beagle View Post
                Very cool! Set up for El Mirage?
                There's a ton of work to do, my earliest hope of completion is for Speed week, and that is kind of iffy.