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Cooling system help- How do I pick a fan/shroud setup?

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  • Cooling system help- How do I pick a fan/shroud setup?

    Hey guys,

    I need some help with my cooling system after years of dealing with overheating. Currently, I am running a aluminum be-cool radiator (3 Core) and a ziptied on E-fan with no shroud, and unknown cfm. The current setup runs around 180-190 down the highway, but sit in traffic or idling and it climbs to 220+ quickly with the fans struggling to keep it from rising any higher. I suspect a better fan setup and shroud would help, but I have no idea how to select one- is a single fan better, or dual setup? The rad core is 26x19, but a lot of the shrouds are smaller than that- is that a problem?
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    I run two 14" SPALs on my 26 x 19 core. I built my own shroud out of aluminum sheet. Be sure to seal it off very well so the fans don't suck air from around the radiator.


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      If there's room for a big clutch fan, that's what I'd use. And either buy an OEM design shroud if it's one that you can, or make one that covers the whole radiator, and about half of the fan.

      If you want to run an electric fan, I'd do some investigating of what OEM fans are available for that size radiator...and get one of them, if it's for an engine that's the same size, or larger than, your engine.
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        65 Skylark, 455, 950 dbl pump, full manual turbo 400
        Kid had a flex fan and said it made too much noise. Tried several electric ones.
        same symptoms as Rustyrodder
        went back to the flex fan. No clutch. No room for the clutch
        while driving it to make sure it stays cool while no air filter, it sputtered and o2 gauge was all over the place.
        added air filter it runs fine and he has been enjoying it even in 90 degree weather.


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          Full coverage shroud with no gap and a good quality electric fan , no $30 Amazon fans . Plus YouTube is your friend, use it.


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            just my experience, but... there aint no electric fan out there that will
            cool a nasty 440, 454, 455, 460, etc.... reliably and in all conditions.

            the best luck ive had is (as mentioned above) a factory style (or a
            custom if no factory type available ) shroud that covers most of the
            radiator, and the best cooling fans ive found are those ugly black
            plastic flex-a-lites that everyone else hates. well, they keep my
            cars cool so i love em! the "rolling" part number is "FLX-417" .
            (thats a 17" fan, or FLX-416 for a 16" fan, flx-415 for a 15" fan,
            etc etc etc....)

            the 461" in my last vette (may she RIP wherever she is....) was
            a solid 500+hp and vettes are NOTORIOUSLY hard to keep cool,
            but the factory shroud and an FLX-418 ( 18" fan...) kept it at
            under 200 even in 93 degree rush hour traffic for 2 hours....

            if you do decide to try 'lectrics, id suggest factory stuff-- like a
            lincoln mk8 2 speed, a viper fan, sho taurus, etc, they are FAR
            superior to the above mentioned $30 fans off eb*y or amaz*n.....

            good luck, i know overheating problems suck and they are
            hard to lick.
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              I have purchased 2 of these, just search his store, he will have what you want. Have yet to have had the camaro over 180 idling in the shop.

              Dont forget that a poorly tuned carburetor is going to jack up your temps quick. Its been 30 years of manufacturers using computers to adjust fuel flow to both create a quicker warmup and control temperatures. Before the electric fan turns on, they adjust mixtures.

              When I bought these last year they were 20 bucks and 15 for shipping, and are a really nice piece. I did have to go to mcmaster to get some new pems to mount the fan right, but any mechanical fan without a proper shroud is not going to cool properly either. Otherwise its one fan two fans, three fans, going on at different temps to help before its too late. Maybe you need to just get the think switching on at 160.
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                I cheated on the Volvo as it had a long time history of overheating with the stock 5.0 even with the Volvo Diesel radiator which was the recommended fix. I called Cool Cats (their primary business is keeping engine-swapped Jags cool) and sent him the maximum overall radiator size that could fit in the hole. He designed up a system with an aluminum core and 2 electric fans (SPAL I think) and shipped the whole deal to us with the connections in the right place, etc. Howe Racing does the actual fabrication of the tanks, fittings, fan shroud, etc. Not cheap but it WORKS - 400+ HP and no overheating even in Carolina heat and the AC on. Dick is VERY happy with the results.



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                  I've heard good things about spal fans.

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