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  • Trutrac mistake

    Well its been 2 years. Got the new Trutrac from Summit, 3.70 gears, in a ford 9" third member. I leave the car on the lift, only the driver side tire spins. Get it up to 20, 40,60 mph, passenger tire never spins but driver moves as expected.

    So maybe thats how it is. Put the car on the ground, start the car, let out the clutch, nothing. no movement. Crawl under the car, driveshaft is spinning, nothing else. Rear wheels do not turn.

    Did I blow it up or make multiple other mistakes along the way? Ready for the entire crime scene of what I did wrong, whatever it takes to get an answer.
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    Axle engagement in center, what spline count is in the center compared to the axles you have?
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