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  • Will it fit?

    Thinking of putting my drive train from my goat into somthing alot lighter. If I'm able to do a 11.65 @ 114 and 4400lbs NA what would the posabilities be at say 3200 lbs? Thinking of a 81 Malibu roller in town but heard that the tall valve covers will be in the way of the steering column. I am not a fabricator so I want to keep it as simple as possible. There is also a 72 Lemans hrd top I could get.
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    Re: Will it fit?

    I would stay Pontiac personally . . .

    The rule of thumb is every 100 lbs is worth 1/10th in ET. That varies of course, but in theory loosing 1200 lbs would gain you a little over a full second.


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      Re: Will it fit?

      Keep it simple and light?Ditch the door slammer,buy a used altered/funny car chassis,put on a roadster body.Why do a door slammer,rework susp,body,put in roll cage,etc.?Cost will equal out,and you won't have to have an expensive engine.
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        Re: Will it fit?

        I knew a guy that put a 400 in a 79 Lemans wagon. He didn't do any fabricating that I can remember.
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