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  • SCTA rules changes

    So a couple things i'm noticing here.
    Spoilers may no longer have sides?
    Halon can still be used
    The definition of bumper got fairly specific
    Any of this stuff effect that super slick body on the camaro?
    I interpret those spoiler rules as being very different, I do like the safety adjustments for the seat and I see them well warranted.
    Talk amongst yourselves
    Any additions to this that the ECTA is planning....

    2008 Speed Trials RULES
    *The rule change process is an ongoing one. Any active SCTA-BNI member may submit a
    request for rule change or clarification at any time by obtaining the proper form from the SCTA
    office or the registration trailer at an event. The form must be completely filled out and must
    be submitted by US or email to the SCTA office. The forms will be routed through the
    appropriate technical chair and committees for comment. When all appropriate research is
    completed, issues will be put on the agenda for discussion at the next scheduled rules meeting
    (usually in November of each year). Submissions received after September 1st of any year will
    not be considered for that year’s agenda.
    If an appropriate class exists, a vehicle must run in that class. Any vehicle which is not legal for any class,
    but meets all technical regulations, will run for time only. No trophies will be awarded for ”time only”
    entries. Any questions regarding the proper classification of a vehicle should be directed to the
    class chairperson as listed in Section 17.
    *1.I PROTESTS:
    All protests must be made in writing using an official SCTA Protest Form. The completed protest form must
    be given to a Contest Board member prior to record certification or within 24 hours of the record
    being certified. All protests require a fee of $100.00. This fee is refundable if the protest is upheld, and if
    the protest is denied the fee is forfeited to the SCTA Treasurer. Protest forms will be available in the
    registration area.
    Trophies are not awarded at all SCTA/BNI events. If it is determined by the Contest Board to award
    trophies, Record and Performance trophies will be sent to the winners by mail after the conclusion of a
    meet. Performance trophies will be awarded only to those entries that run within 3% of the record. When
    an entrant qualifies, but does not set a record, a performance trophy will be awarded. Trophies and record
    timing tags are awarded to the fastest record at the end of the event only. To obtain duplicate trophies
    for Bonneville records contact the SCTA-BNI office.
    All new cars/drivers/riders or drivers/riders new to the car/course may be required to make runs at less than
    full throttle or less than full course length. Successful completion of the license requirements shall
    include, but not be limited to, starting line procedure, course navigation and shutdown
    procedure, as determined by the Contest Board. ALL NEW DRIVERS/RIDERS SHALL ATTEND A ROOKIE
    will sign a rookie sticker. Time and place for the orientation meeting will be announced at the start of the
    2.A ENGINES:
    Any internal combustion engine using either a two stroke or four stroke Otto cycle or Diesel cycle may run in
    any category, except for Vintage engine classes hereinafter described. In XF, XO, XXF, XXO, V4 and V4F
    classes, non-production engines or after-market blocks (even though they accept production crankshafts,
    cams and cylinder heads) may not be used. All other engines that transmit the power through the wheels
    only may run in Ù class. Only Streamliners and Unlimited Diesel Trucks may use more than one engine at
    the same time. For any engine to be considered for cubic inch (cc) requirements, the engine shall have
    contributed to the propulsion of the vehicle. Reaction propulsion engines are prohibited, except during
    exclusive meets.
    2.B FUELS:
    In fuel classes, any approved liquid fuel may be used. Examples of approved fuels are: alcohol, hydrogen,

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    Re: SCTA rules changes

    Hmmm, haven't seen that yet. How can they outlaw sides on spoilers? Odd.


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      Re: SCTA rules changes

      Thats kind of what I was wondering. It reads weird as hell, but that might just be me....


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        Re: SCTA rules changes

        4.CC.6 Spoiler:
        An alternate spoiler design may be used. The spoiler must be a single surface with no side
        plates. The spoiler chord will be 10” maximum, measured on the top surface and at the centerline of the car. The ends of the spoiler may follow the contour of the body but must not extend
        beyond the outside edges of the body at any point. When laid flat, the width of the spoiler
        chord can be a maximum of 16” wider than the outside plane of the rear tires.
        4.EE STEP PAN:
        The step pan shall be flat, parallel to the ground (side to side only) and no wider than the frame rails. A
        box may be constructed to enclose the portion of the transmission which protrudes through the step pan.
        The box must be rectangular in design, flat on the bottom, covering only the exposed portion of the
        transmission. The box shall not be tapered in any way; maximum clearance from the transmission shall be
        1”. Chassis cross members are not considered as part of the frame for purposes of this rule. The transition
        at the rear of the step pan to the floorboard shall occur at a 45 deg. or steeper angle to be exempted from
        the definition of a belly pan.
        4.HH WHEELBASE:
        All vehicles must have at least two parallel axles. The wheelbase is the distance measured from
        the centerline of the rear axle to the transverse center line of the front spindles. The
        wheelbase must be equal on the left and right sides of the vehicle to within 1”.
        Streamliners are exempt from this rule.
        4.II DRIVESHAFT:
        A driveshaft is defined as the connection from the engine or transmission to the rear drive unit
        in a conventional front engine/rear drive configuration.
        4.JJ BUMPER:
        A bumper is a metal device that bolts to a car’s chassis to provide collision protection and may
        be removed in some classes. A bumper is typically 16-20” above the road surface. Bumper
        covers (thermoplastic body pieces on cars starting in 1978) are considered to be part of the
        body. The bumper cover cannot be removed or altered in shape and contour if not allowed by
        class rules. For the purposes of streamlining, any fascia covering the primary bumper bar
        ceases to be part of the bumper once above or below the primary impact absorbing region.


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          Re: SCTA rules changes

          sorry thought I got it all, thats the important part


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            Re: SCTA rules changes

            My thoughts are whether or not this replaces or is in addition to the current rule. The first sentence says "An alternate spoiler design may be used". This makes me think that this is in addition to the current rule.


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              Re: SCTA rules changes

              The part that got my attention was the rule requiring lateral head restraint within 2" of the helmet on all vehicles. That pretty much ended all casual racers and anyone without pretty much a funny car style cage.


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                Re: SCTA rules changes

                Not really you just need to install a detachable head restraint. I think safety should aways trump convenience. Especially given accidents in motor sports in recent years. I would think there are certain speed limitations by that, or I would at least expect that at maxton


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                  Re: SCTA rules changes

                  4.CC STREAMLINING:
                  4.CC.6 Spoiler:
                  An alternate spoiler design may be used.

                  Means in addition to.

                  You really need to have a rulebook.



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                    Re: SCTA rules changes

                    i would imagine it will be a little while before we see updated rule books