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Is a9sec70cuda here?

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  • Is a9sec70cuda here?

    I'd like some dirt on your car's combo. Always liked it a lot. Hope you get into PGD this year.

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    Re: Is a9sec70cuda here?

    Dave, I know he signed up. Chip should be around soon.



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      Re: Is a9sec70cuda here?

      He's at work with no access to the internet right now- I let him know you were trying to reach him.

      Jim (Chip's Dad)


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        Re: Is a9sec70cuda here?

        Dave, first off thanks for the compliment and the job you did at Hot Rod!
        now for "the dirt" on my ride...
        the car weighs 3800# w/ me behind the wheel.
        Cal-Tracs, Dana 60 w/ 4.10s, 295-65 ET Street radials.
        727, custom 9" 5000 stall, footbraking.

        the good part...
        572" Hemi, KB block, Callies crank, Oliver billet rods, custom Diamonds for 11:1 CR
        MP aluminum heads CNC'd by MCH, std valve sizes
        custom Comp solid roller, 276/284 @ .050", .672"/.651" lift, DLI rockers
        Ray Barton single dominator manifold and a 1200 cfm Pro Systems dominator
        2 1/4" headers w/ 4" exhaust and Dynomax bullet mufflers.

        no nitrous, no supercharger, no turbo. just a lot of torque ;D

        anything else you wanna know?
        hope i get picked for the PGD's! CHIP


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          Re: Is a9sec70cuda here?

          Ahhh...displacement. That's one of the things my junk is lacking. Just 484ci here. No torque, and 3,800-plus lbs.

          Thanks for the info. Again, I love that car!


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            Re: Is a9sec70cuda here?

            i think in a week ya'all are gonna see the entire board here!!! Im hooked already!!!


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              Re: Is a9sec70cuda here?

              Us too!


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                Re: Is a9sec70cuda here?

                Anything you are willing to share on the suspension package? How does it hook?

                That ought to be fun getting that kind of TQ to hook up with a heavy car on a 295 tire using Cal Tracks . . .



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                  Re: Is a9sec70cuda here?

        's just the standard Cal-Trac setup. mono springs, 9 way ranchos, and the bars. 1/4 turn preload both sides. shocks set stiff.
                  on the 295-65 radials it'll go 1.36-1.38 sixty foots on a decent track.
                  it's been 1.38 sixty foots on a 275-60 radial ;D CHIP