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  • 37 Ford Pickup Brakes

    My 12 year old son, Cam (named him after a car part, or course ;D) Is the proud new owner of a 37 ford pickup. It is a project that he plans to have ready by the time he gets his licence in 3-1/2 years. It is going to be basically stock to start out with, flathead 8, custom rustolium paint job with flames, maybe some groovey wheels, but very very low buck until he gets into his $ earning years.
    My question is: will the mechanical brakes be safe? I read somewhere that 37 pickup brakes are self energizing and much better than the older mechanical brakes.
    If juice brakes are needed for safety, what donor could we get parts from for a low buck swap?
    Thanks, Joel

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    Re: 37 Ford Pickup Brakes

    That year of Ford is really backed by aftermarket. My uncle did the oldest trick in the book on his 32 roadster. His first car way back in 1950. He put juice brakes on it from a 40 ford. Finding those parts these days is a whole bunch harder. If there is anything on the car not to skimp on it's the brakes. I would buck and spend the money there.
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      Re: 37 Ford Pickup Brakes

      We put a Heidt's setup under the '35 pickup, and a 9" Versailles rear disc normal leaf setup on the '35 rails. Its not cheap but it has 4 wheel discs. Top quality stuff.


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        Re: 37 Ford Pickup Brakes

        interesting question and replys! my 16 year old twins got their driver licenses a week ago. One has a 59 chevy truck that we have built, it's mostly stock, including the original chassis/brakes. We rebuilt most of it, including all of the brake parts. It stops great (by 50s standards), I'm not afraid to let him drive it just because it has drums.

        Mechanical brakes might be a bit iffy, though! I would seriously consider trying to add 49-up Bendix type hydraulic brakes.
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          Re: 37 Ford Pickup Brakes

          definately upgrade the brakes, especially for a new driver. when a kid is learning to drive nothing is more helpful for getting out of trouble than good brakes.