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What tech stories do you want to see from us in 2012?

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  • What tech stories do you want to see from us in 2012?

    Hey gang. Title says it. We are planning our first dyno session of 2012 but have plenty more to do this year with regards to tech stories. So...let us know what you would like to see. We can do engine, trans, suspension, wiring, paint, you name it.

    Give us some ideas and tell us what you would like to see. As always, we want to have you guys involved in what we are doing around here so your ideas matter.

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    LOVE to see a homemade turbo installation. Not bolting on someone's kit, but starting with picking a turbo (what size, what has that size in the junk yard, etc.), deciding what exhaust manifold(s) will work (maybe stock turned upside down - like that), selecting and installing a j/y wastegate, etc. etc. I can even offer a 250 Chevy as a trial piece........ just an offer.

    It would be cool to compare carb-in-a-box to a blow-thru system (boost referenced carb), maybe followed up with a Megasquirt j/y injection system.

    Yes, I have an agenda - but I think it's a cool idea.

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      When I read the topictitle the first item I thought of was a transmission-rebuilt, followed by Megasquirt installation and the tuning involved... maybe 2 or 3 part-series for that.

      Or how about converting a Mopar to rack&pinion steering using junkyard parts... or, or, or... how about getting a solidrollercammed and 8-71 blown 440 to run perfect on propane...?


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        Whatever you do please VIDEO it.
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          I'm kinda curious what can be tested with right out of the junkyard automatic transmissions. Rather on a dyno or track, but pull a TH200, 350, 400, 2004r, 700r4, C4, C6, AOD, the torqueflites, etc. Do a standard rebuild, like just using a NAPA rebuild kit, nothing fancy, and see where about what HP or torque load they start slipping or eating themselves. I'd like to see some exhaust system dyno tests. Namely single versus dual, but diameter and muffler type (summit, flow master cherry bomb glass pack!) too and a 300HP engine versus 500+HP engine,etc to see if the HP differences are linearly effected by power output or not.

          Want to get real hokey, weld together some really crappy looking headers or intakes out of box tubing, etc and dyno test it against exhaust manifolds and aftermarket intakes and headers, particularly on turbo applications.

          Chad, you're a master fabricator. Lets see some cool things you've done or want to re-do. Like the sawblade trigger wheel I hear is on Rusty, or simple things like the cup holders that were in the Muscle Truck. Speaking of Rusty, it's been a long time since some build pictures have been seen

          I have an EFI'd 455 I want to chassis dyno sometime this year
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            BTW, I've been digging Rebeldryver's driveway tech. There is always simple stuff to build a section of video's on, like brake jobs, bleeding brakes on your own, setting up a diff for Ford, GM and Mopar. Welding techniques a bangshifter should know?

            And since everyone loves carnage. The junkyard tire test? Two brand of tires from the junkyard, take a voting poll on which would last longer on a burn out. Mount them on a car with a spool and post the results in video form. A repeat of the Maverick, cheap junker car, lots of nitrous, cams mounted in and around the engine on WOT blasts, etc.
            Escaped on a technicality.


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              Keep them coming boys. Some of these are on the idea list already, but we want you to keep sending them in. And we don't care if you have some agenda because of a project you are building. With rare exception, you are not alone on wanting to know something. Just because it has to do with your particular project doesn't mean it won't affect a lot of folks. Keep the ideas coming. Trust me there are a couple things you are going to LOVE this year. And yes, I am going to work on doing lots more video during our tech. We have a great time doing it and you should be able to see that.
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                I have a 5.0 mustang and 95% of a used N20 kit. I want to pill it but I don't wanta kill it


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                  simple add on cruse control for none cruse cars.

                  overdrives gears and pinion angles for dummies...


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                    Muscle Cars - Budget upgrades like front/rear disc brake conversions using oem parts from newer cars, or electric fan conversion using oem fan(s)/shroud, etc...

                    Hot Rods - Suspension choices without just ordering a kit from a manufacturer.

                    Unfortunately some of this will go against the sponsors of this great website...


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                      Don't worry about the sponsors. They are REAL car guys too and know that some stories aren't going to be about ALL NEW stuff. Plus, we can show how to do it junkyard style AND with new parts. You guys just shoot the subjects and ideas that you want and we'll take care of the rest.

                      How about Paint and Body? Any interest?
                      "A cross thread is better than a lock washer." Earl Lanning...My Grandpa


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                        x2 on the junkyard turbo set up and rusty build pics

                        whatever happened to the turbo 283 project?


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                          A comparison of streetable roller solid vs. roller hyd. cams using beehive vs. traditional springs.


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                            Originally posted by BangShiftChad View Post
                            How about Paint and Body? Any interest?
                            Huh... what? Paint?.... (Wondering if you're serious, while I'm gazing at your avatar for a while... )

                            Well, speaking of rollers, maybe I like to know if there are better paintrollers out there then the 'HighDensity' foam ones I always use with the rounded edges... The sharp edged ones leave lines in the paint. Can't have that. Might as well use an antique brush then, but that ofcourse is hokey and people might think you're a hack!

                            Did this answer your question of how I think of paint?
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                              Wiring, I hate it, always looks like Mickey Mouse did it on acid when i do it! any tips tricks etc.

                              Dyno time, Chassis or engine, where to spend you time when you are there. What makes the guys at Westech shake their heads when someone shows up.

                              New trick flow twisted wedge SBF vs their old TW SBF heads...
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