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Vortec 4200 camshaft blanks....

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  • Vortec 4200 camshaft blanks....

    GM doesn't want to sell them and the aftermarket doesn't care about this engine so..

    CNC machining starts next week... 8)

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    Re: Vortec 4200 camshaft blanks....

    i am rather surprised the aftermarket has done so little to support the I5. it is a stout little piece and much like the basis for so many other power plants, developed for durability.
    the blocks are overkill for what the factory is doing with them. only issue i see is that the stock cast crank is all that is available currently.
    the stock computer is even capable of dealing with boost, big cams, and whatever else you can come up with. all you need is some tuning software and a laptop and you can go to town.


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      Re: Vortec 4200 camshaft blanks....

      Another possible option is a regrind from a company like Delta Cams in Tacoma WA. They claim to be equipped to weld them up, grind, and re-harden as appropriate to make them live. I bought my inline Chevy cam from them on a new blank, so I haven't tried any of these shop services, but it might be worth a call. The number is 1-800-562-5500.

      Hope this helps