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Ford c6 shifting/engagement problems

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  • Ford c6 shifting/engagement problems

    Okay guys, here's the newest problem on my fathers truck. He took it out for a test drive this Saturday to see if the brakes were fixed. He only drove about seven miles. When he returned to the driveway I walked over to see if everything felt okay(the front brakes had been dragging). About two minutes later he started it up to drive into the shop and the Lokar shifter wouldn't shift past reverse. I thought the linkage may have moved or loosened as this past winter we had most everything disassembled. Let it sit for about two hours and tried it again-and ended up backing it around the yard and into the shop. This morning I took the shifter apart- it moves the entire range. So we disconnected the linkage and the lever on the trans only goes from park to reverse to neutral. What the hell? We cannot catch a break on this truck. So I'll plan to drop the pan sometime this week. Any ideas?

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    Sounds like it got shifted into low and overranged ...the pivot or something is the wrong way..
    Common problem with the C-6 used with a rod for a shifter...
    I have seen cars, and one of mine do that and the pan was dropped and a rather simple procedure was done.. Exactly what? I don't know unfortunately as the tranny guy crawled from under the car and said," Done..Put the pan back on.." but as it was explained to me.. The linkage inside went "the wrong way"
    But then.. Might not happen here.. Reason I think so is u are using a lokar shifter... Fords need adjustment both ways..