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Lowering my Monte

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  • Lowering my Monte

    I want to make my 86 Monte look like an '80s cup car. I've seen some done but noone gets them low enough. in a perfect world I'd find a used cup car and put my sheet metal on it but I haven't found any I can afford in my area. Does anyone have any ideas what to do?

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    When it comes tio the lowering of the G body I like to refer to 3 sights............

    these sights set the stances right and have various to do it....I recently dropped the front of my Regal with the help of Jake(BBO Javelin) and Orlando....we broke down the front end and cut the springs one whole coil replaced shocks and sway bar hardware.........


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      Thanks, I'm trying to see how low I can get it. I'd like to cut and flare the fenders like these,


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        86 regular monte...

        a guru may guide you to the strong arms that extend rear end back a bit.
        lowering is easy.
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          I think you're looking at floor pan and frame mods. The frame is lower than the rockers and the bump stops hit pretty early, especially in the front. I had my Monte sitting pretty low for a while and it hit the stops a lot. It was still several inches higher than the car in the picture. Hoping you can pull this off, it would look badass!
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            Talk to Brett @ Ride Tech


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              What he said. Or, do your research. Nobody should ever have to cut coils on a Gbody if they are only lowering it a couple inches. Sorry, but spindles are the same as S10 so they are dirt cheap and available as a 2 inch drop.

              I could lower this thing till the frame sat on the ground in less than a weekend with 99% bolt on parts. It's not a big deal. Hell, I could do it in that time with factory arms even, although it won't be as good.

              Look around, the parts are cheap.
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                I've been throwing the idea around about lowering my Monte, but since I want it to be more of a drag car than corner carver, I don't know if there would be an advantage to lowering the car for straight line acceleration..... Any thought??.......


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                  Have you found a good wheel and tire combo for this look?


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                    I'd go with the mod that's on this board

                    you use 2" drop spindles for a 2nd gen blazer(2wd '96-02) and lowering springs, the blazer hub/bearing and c4-6 vette rotors,depending on how big of wheel you run, I forget what calper mount is used..(it's in the thread below) but you get monster front disc and lowered all in one shot..

                    the mid 80's nascar monte wasn't all that low, the superspeedway cars were, but the mile, mile&ahalf cars were not as low..
                    a 2"spindle and 1.5" spring should get you close in the front, rear 3" drop springs is about all you can go and still have some travel.

                    summit/jegs have the blazer drop spindles..
                    you can get to that nascar photo above with those parts listed above, you might need 2" springs in front over the 1.5" and more than 3 in rear.. but it's all bolt on..
                    I have the drop spindles for the monte, I might go to the blazer set up.. and bigger brakes if I get the year one 17" monte alum wheels..
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                      Wish I had seen this topic sooner:

                      My SS is lowered about 2 1/2" in the front and 1" in the rear in this photo:

                      DSC_0424 by davidnutting, on Flickr

                      I wouldn't go much lower than that in the front on a street-driven car as it already doesn't like speed bumps and I had to buy an ultra-low profile jack to get under the front crossmember.

                      Suspension parts that affect the ride height:
                      - 2" drop springs from Detroit Speed Engineering
                      - 1/2" taller upper and lower ball joints from Proforged (Tall lowers drop it another 1/2")
                      - Spohn "tall spindle" upper and lower control arms
                      Rear (In this photo):
                      1" lowering Eibach springs
                      Currently it has some 11" tall springs from Hypercoil in the rear with a 200# rate that drop it another inch.
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                        cut the floor out and channel it
                        a guy in Portchester had a 77 MC , that is what he did and I lusted for it for decades


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                          Originally posted by SpiderGearsMan View Post
                          cut the floor out and channel it
                          a guy in Portchester had a 77 MC , that is what he did and I lusted for it for decades
                          I just joined to let you guys know that you can just install spring buckets and weight jacks that's how the cup cars were lowered to lower the center of gravity