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Turbo cam reccomendation ?????

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  • Turbo cam reccomendation ?????

    I'm building a turbocharged Vortec inline 6 4200 ( DOHC 4 valves/hole) and am looking for some help with the cam profiles from some of the well versed turbo folks here. The turbo is a GT40.

    End goal is to make 600HP and still have some driveability ( e.g. cruise at 2500 and not be rude in traffic).

    The short is getting well built to take boost.

    Any help appreciated.


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    Re: Turbo cam reccomendation ?????

    Jay Allen you can find him on

    one of the best imo cam grinders in the country


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      Re: Turbo cam reccomendation ?????

      Jay has given up giving advice, but you can fill out a tech card on his web site at camshaft

      If you take the time to fill it out you will be happy with what you get, he is not cheap and he will not waiste time with keyboard or bench racing
      2007 SBN/A Drag Week Winner & First only SBN/A Car in the 9's Till 2012
      First to run in the .90s .80s and .70's in SBN/A
      2012 SSBN/A Drag Week Winner First in the 9.60's/ 9.67 @ 139 1.42 60'
      2013 SSBN/A Drag Week, Lets quit sand bagging, and let it rip!