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Pictures of turbo(s) in Tri Five?

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  • Pictures of turbo(s) in Tri Five?

    i still want to keep the air conditioning.

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    here ya go. not sure about the AC

    Click image for larger version

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      Also not sure about the AC situation...

      c'mon, you knew someone was going to post this


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        Ok i am a idiot.
        Small block turbos.
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          You can mount turbos almost anywhere if you are willing to build the pipes to connect them. If the turbos are not super huge, mounting beside the radiator. There is also room behind the headlights above the inner fenders.
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            I have a buddy, Mike Orban who has a really nice '55 with a twin turbo 496 including A/C. Car is a street driven show piece but it's run [email protected] I'll try and get some pictures from under the hood. It has custom fabbed dual air to air intercoolers that helped with packaging and some very minor surgery on the radiator cradle.
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              You could always mount then back under a raised trunk pan too. How fast do you want to go?
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                Banks generic SBC kit....
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                  Originally posted by JeffMcKC View Post
                  You could always mount then back under a raised trunk pan too. How fast do you want to go?
                  Thanks Jeff
                  Now you have me thinking
                  I have no rear seat so......more thinking
                  10.0 is fast enough
                  I really appreciate everyones imput.