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Distributor preferences - any one tried Prof Prod?

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  • Distributor preferences - any one tried Prof Prod?

    Has any one tried one of these?
    Free Shipping - Professional Products 30001 with qualifying orders of $99. Shop Distributors at Summit Racing.

    I don't want a cheap $50 ebay special giving me problems, during DW (or any other time) I have a motorcraft duraspark - but the downfall of those is the very user unfriendly changes of advance curve which require pulling the whole inside of the distributor apart.

    Nothing against MSD site sponsor - but the price of the MSD stuff is just out of reach.

    I have a ready to run MSD from CL - but it needs a gear swap and I'm afraid the shaft maybe tweaked - I don't have time for a distributor project right now.
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    price is right, being that design is getting to be quite primitive..
    I spotted the power module that comes with it.

    I'd try, that is as far as they got in history.

    I am finding the optical is the genius, and external a digital computer.
    there is no beams of light or whatever market owned opinion is claiming.

    (I have had it all on one engine - even the old points)
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      dont knock ebay, just like replacement panels, most of this stuff is all made at the same company and just put in prettier boxes. You get an nc machined distributor housing and not much can go wrong. Maybe the summit stuff is 100% inspected before shipping but its probably 1 out of 100 that might actually be rejected.


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        No comment.

        Some claim I have uncanny luck using parts others deem inferior or junk.
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          I found this one intriguing - I've asked a few questions that the ebay listing leaves unanswered:

          1. Where's the mechanical advance system? Right under the rotor for easy tuning?

          2. can an off the shelf (or in the 'oh shit' box on DW) be used to replace a failed module?

          YES BBR you have uncanny ability to make stuff run fast and reliable with minimal cost - you must be living right.
          I have lots of used / rebuilt / worked over parts in this car. For a cruiser - I'm all about the duraspark - but if you want to change / tune advance curves with any frequency - they are a major PITA - and I have a strange aversion to the giant HEI cap. LOL
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          There's always something new to learn.


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            why not just use a msd with the cap-a-tap that uses a standard ford cap/rotor
            for that side of the road parts store thrash


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              Originally posted by BBR View Post
              No comment.

              Some claim I have uncanny luck using parts others deem inferior or junk.
              I put one of the Professional Products ( I think?) HEI capped dizzies in a 302 with an HO Roller cam, worked fine. The cap was cracked so I used another one from a GM (with GM module) and it worked better. I'd worry more about the gear, I didn't get a long term enough test to say yea or nay on the "melonized" (SP?) gear.
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                Can you send your MSD back to MSD for a test/rebuild?
                I like my RTR a bunch, super simple and uses standard MSD tuning parts and repair parts. I spend enough time being unique with all my other junk.

                Edit: I just did a little looking around, a post on one of the vette forums stated that in 2011 he had a very rough MSD distributor rebuilt for only $126! And the result was very good.
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                  jegs is having a free shipping deal
                  and a 25.oo msd rebate. if you choise to go that route


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                    If you want to try it or use it for back up I can pull the MSD ecurve from the 63. Very easy hook up


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                      Thanks Shawn - put it in your luggage so we have it as a spare. I may stick with the motorcraft for now, just have to see how things go over the next few weeks.

                      I really like the dial adjust function of the professional products unit - I'm surprised it's not more popular at that price.... I may just pull the trigger.
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                      There's always something new to learn.


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                        I've always used Mallory Unilite distributors in my race vehicles and never had a failure in 30 years. That's my 2 cents worth.....
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                          MrRocket - I put a unilite conversion kit in a clevo powered mustang I had years ago - probably mid 80s time frame - never had problems with it. The unilites are a good $100 more than that prof prod offering. I may just have to be the guinea pig on that one.
                          There's always something new to learn.


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                            I have a complete Professional Products distributor and coil that I could not make work on my 57 Ford. Just my experience...


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                              uh oh - did they honor a warranty of any kind or were you stuck with new parts that didn't work?

                              I found out that the small cap / hei sold on Ebay by skip white and others appears to be a modified duraspark, the advance mechanism is still underneath the point/pick up plate - so it's a real pain for adjustment. That makes those a no go.

                              I'm just not sure I can get over my aversion to the big cap HEI - it would be the cheapest way to go.
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                              There's always something new to learn.