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Ford Triton 6.8 V10 Potential?

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  • Ford Triton 6.8 V10 Potential?

    Just as the title reads...

    I am looking for input on the Ford 2V 6.8L V10s.

    Despite being a GM guy I have always had an interest in these motors and wanted to plat with one.

    We have a ton of these in our fleet with well over 250K miles. With 27 of our vehicles coming up for retirement, I have the opportunity to purchase one extremely cheap, and I have been strongly considering it.

    From Wiki:
    The 6.8 L (6760 cc, 413 CID) SOHC V10 is another variation of the Modular family created for use in large trucks. Bore size is 90.2 mm (3.552 in) and stroke is 105.8 mm (4.165 in), identical to the 5.4 L V8. Both 2-valve and 3-valve versions have been produced. The 6.8 L uses a split-pin crank with 72 firing intervals and a balance shaft to quell vibrations inherent to a 90 bank angle V10 engine. The engine's firing order is 1-6-5-10-2-7-3-8-4-9. The 2-valve version was first introduced in 1997, with a 3-valve non-VCT version to follow in 2005. The 3-valve engines were built alongside the 2-valve engines at Ford's Windsor, Ontario LVL engine line, but moved production to the larger Windsor Engine Plant in 2009.

    ...Now I am not machinist, with that being said, what does a "split-pin crank" refer to, and does it have any adverse effects on performance? I have found mixed documentation, but I believe the crankshaft is forged.

    It appears the engines are essentially a 5.4 with two extra cylinders. 5.4L Manley rods are listed as 6.8 application as well (however they are sold in sets of 8) lol. Piston bore is the same size, so aftermarket support should prove plentiful if the project ever got to that point...

    However....I am basically looking for insight at near stock form. What type of potential could one of these power plants provide given typical bolt-on fashion modifications?

    The torque output seems extremely plentiful for a street application!

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    Not sure of "performance" potential, but, I had a Triton 6.8 for several years. It pulled as good as my pre PSD 7.3 in my F250. It was faster in a drag race. The downside ... it got 10Xs worse MPGs ....

    Now if I could just shoe-horn a 6.8 in place of the POS 5.4 in my Expedition ....
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      I'd like to have one.... just so I could say I had one.
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      • #4 shows a split pin crank. They are somewhat weaker than a straight pin but Cat has been using them in 60 degree diesels and Buick uses them in even fire V-6's so no real concern.
        The thing that gives Ford mod engines their power is the area of the valves in 4-valve heads. To realize a performance gain you would need 4-valve heads because the relatively small bore of mod engines negates horsepower potential in 2-valve heads.
        If the 2013 Engine Masters had restricted mod engines to 2-valves like all the other engines they would not have won. The valve area of the 4-valve head negates the small bore-undersquare design of the mod.


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          I remember some guy put one in a.Ccown Vic . It was in Hot Rod magazine. I think he did drag week one or twice with it. I believe he is a member on the forum but not sure on how active. May check the power tour board here. Think he has a turquoise 60's falcon now. I remember the computer kept shutting off the fuel around 85 mph.
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            I get wanting a "V-10"... Understand that.. Wow factor!
            What I don't get is why such a small bore and not letting it be he monster it could have been?
            By same token.. Bikes with turbos.. They only did the smaller bikes (600-650's) with turbos..I wanted 1100-1200's!
            Then V-6's were turbo'd... We cried for an 8.. they gave us the lame dog 301

            A 4" bore V-10 would be a good torque monster, wouldn't it? Somewhere in the 9L+ area!

            STILL...I will watch this... Dream along with y'all..
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              Unfortunately the modular engines are limited by a 100mm bore spacing (3.937") so about the biggest bores you can get out of them is ~3.75" (and that's with Darton Sleeves which are pretty damned pricey). Performance camshafts are almost non-existent though I suppose you could get your good cores welded up and reground, the rods are the noodly powdered metal ones that won't hold up to much more than stock power levels(though there are plenty of good rods out now at almost reasonable prices). I'd love to see a rip-snorting, kick-ass V-10, but I think it would take cubic dollars to make it happen.


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                See them in pickups and large motorhomes... Tractor motors?

                Yep a rip snorting growling V-10 will be quite the feel!


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                  Well, I've got one, very cheap, as in free. I need to figure the computer pin out as the wiring I have, has thd engine side but that is all. I have the engine, computer & the engine harness, but thats it. It's a 2 valve from a 2018 E-450 chassis & thats about all I know about it.


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                    Excellent, I will be watching your challenges of this build.
                    Way back in my Krazy Builds Ideas File is to build a "Dual Cowl Phaeton Rat Rod" on a Ford TT frame, but using a Old GM Gas V12 as the Power Plant.
                    Being a Ford Guy, this has Options......
                    (I did think about the Sherman Tank Engine, but tranny bolt up would be a nightmare)



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                      A truck engine worked for Dodge in the Viper.
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                        You might want to PM Buckshysteve (I think I have that right - he's a Canadian racer who drag races and does LSR). He's built some unusual stuff mostly Ford powered and may have some insight. Nice guy, too.



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                          Not a ford guy at all, just seems to make me think of of my 1990 Jeep Wrangler, where the inline 6 gets you max torque output at 1500 rpm's. This more of a stump puller than a high RPM race setup?


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                            I can get behind a V10 powered Ford. This Mustang II was rocking one last time I saw it.
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                              Originally posted by BangShift McT View Post
                              I can get behind a V10 powered Ford. This Mustang II was rocking one last time I saw it.
                              WOW - that appears to be a lot of sheet metal work to make a Mustang II look like that!