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Sguare tube for roll cage?

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  • Sguare tube for roll cage?

    I have a friend who is building a Jeep playmobile. He thinks that it will be easier for hin to fab with square tube. How about some input. THANKS.

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    Re: Sguare tube for roll cage?

    Ouch, corners!

    The downside would be making bends. Square tubing is a great deal harder to bend, and it would be harder to weld together junctions because corners may line up with flats, and therefore, diameters will be different.

    Professional chassis builders have always used round tubing as far as I am aware of... I think they know best.

    Square tubing would look ugly too.


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      Re: Sguare tube for roll cage?

      Lots of builders use square or rectangular tubing as the foundation for a tube frame car. It makes for a very easy platform to build from. The car I'm building below shows how the lower frame is laid out with round tubes added for the rest of the structure. You can build the whole chassis out of square tubing if the design makes it a better choice but you should always build the drivers roll cage out of round tubing IMO. The flat sides of the tubing also make it handy to lay out any body you might want to build.
      Good Luck.

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