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    I remember reading about this guy in the mid 80's in HR. HR covered his "Soft Head" theories. While I'm not an engineer but have a fair electrical background along with understanding basic gas laws, I thought this guy had some interesting ideas. Larry's claim to fame was that he built a set of heads for Bill Elliot in the mid 80's when Bill was running away from every one on the track and setting all sorts of records. My next door neighbor, Vern, use to work for WABC TV, out of NYC. Vern was responsible for setting up all the camera equipment at events suck as the Indy 500, NASCAR, etc. Vern grew up in the south running shine and knew a lot of the NASCAR racers as he grew up with a lot of them. Vern was telling me when the Elliot's were wining at the time, the Elliots were very not allowing anyone near there car where as with the other teams there was no problem. Vern has some interesting stories about the Ernie Elliot as well.

    The site for Larry is Any one have comments on this guy?
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