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    Okay guys, looking for some real world feedback. Got a 460 ford .030 over Older style aluminum CJ heads with 2.19/1.76 valves 9.5:1 compression 224/234 duration at .050 .569 lift at .050 Performer rpm with Holley street avenger A "towing" converter, (Long story). I recently swapped in a 3.50 trac loc in place of a 2.75 open. LOVE the increased responsiveness and around town fun. The downside is the hwy rpms are slightly higher than I calculated. It's close to 3000 rpms at 70 mph. The tires are 29". At those rpms, it's pretty loud, though the engine seems happy. Question is this, other than probably a big increase in fuel consumption at 3k vs 2200 rpms, should this engine be okay cruising at 2600-2700 rpms for 5-6 hours a day? (Power tour) Thanks, James

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    Mine is slightly different 533 260/264 @ .050 and it LOVES cruising at 2,800 - 3,000rpm - its been on 7 PowerTours


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      tight cam..that convertor must slip some
      I'd go right back to even taller gears.

      I have 90hp 4 cyls and 3000 pounds doing 3k for 70mph.

      you are not gaining anything but noise and wear.

      maybe find a bigger cam, make it match up that way. Power tours are for showing off anyway.
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        when i had 4.10's and my T/ram on my sbc i was turning about 3500rpm at 55 mph and wasn't fun on the fwy as i felt like i was going to be run over but let off the loud pedal for a second then bury it i would feel the rear of the Camaro get loose as the tires had a hard time with grip LOL!!!

        I also had a 47 CJ2A jeep with a warmed over 400sbc and the axles had 5.38's and with even 33" tires i was still turning 3500 rpm . This made for a fun trip on the highway with my (2) 10 gal fuel tanks and manual fuel tank switch valve . trying to switch tanks at 3500rpm without running the bowls dry in the carb was alot of fun !!
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