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    Originally posted by malc View Post
    I've already looked at Fitech on Summit....
    just can't justify even that amount right now.....😕
    Yeah, I get that, then look at the holley on the shelf, the quick fuel on the shelf, each gasket change, terrible cold starts, warm up fuel, believe me, it all adds up. I would not feel so bad if it was just a grand and the patience to wait for the Sniper, but they kept pushing back the ship dates, the edelbrock came up on amazon for 1400, not knowing it was already obsolete and Edelbrock has no part in "filling" the data into their system and the new e street 2 starting at 2500.

    Anyway, I saw the new holley fabricated manifold (yeah, another 500) seeing it was single plane to what looks like a collection tank before the runners go to the cylinders, while all the tech support say use the dual plane. I am starting to think the dual plane is acting as a choke.


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      well, finally got the old torker manifold cleaned up, polished the rough runners, powdercoated and installed and the car is running like a raped ape. Put me on the list of dual plane air gap manifolds being a wrong choice for a TBI. Now we see if this actually learns or if we go to the megasquirt.