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Oddball EFI Questions re: 2016 Coyote Engine.

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  • Oddball EFI Questions re: 2016 Coyote Engine.

    Hi Guys, I have a Question about a stock 2016 5.0 Mustang GT,
    Had the car on the dyno and reading good figures with both power and fueling but it seems that unless the car is in a zero fuel position ( off the gas) it will not go open loop, have watched this using a Snapon Modis scanner both driven on the dyno and on the road? the car is a UK spec car so is slightly different to the US spec cars but it has me puzzled? I wondered if the newer spec cars were prevented to go open loop due to emissions legislation or similar reason. I also note that the Procal software does not work with the UK cars, does anyone know why?
    My plans for this engine is to go the way of headers, and also with the GT350 manifold setup with the larger throttle body, are there any merits with this setup going for slightly bigger injectors to reduce the duty cycle and also to move toward a more quality injector, or are the stock ford units up to the job. my biggest criteria is the engine must look bone stock.
    I also note that on the dyno and on the road the fueling jumps slightly rich around 115mph going from 12.8 to 11.9 is this normal, my suspicion is that its to protect the exhaust valves and the cats?
    Thanks in anticipation of your comments.