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    I would like you opinion on the best way to tune and data log my car.

    It is a 87 notchback that was put together from a few other cars. It has an all stock 5.0 H0 with a 1989 A9L computer T5 and 4.10 gears. I am considering entering one of the local bracket class and would like to be able to data log my runs to help with driver technic as well as chassis tuning. I plan to turbocharge it in the future and would like to learn tuning while NA.

    I would like to be able to add a wide band O2, flex fuel, and maybe wheel speed sensors, other considerations are cost, easy to learn how to tune, and support. I have thought about the following but I am not sure they support all the add ons. I am open to other options.

    Moates or Tweecer


    GM computer with HP Tuners
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    For MegaSquirt, you'd need something in the MS3 family to support wheel speed sensors, and this offers the best flex fuel capability as well. MS2 has some basic flex fuel, although it's more like "tune for one fuel with a fallback option if you have to run the other". MS3's flex fuel gives closer to OEM level support; you can get great drivability on just about any blend once it's fully tuned.

    I'm not aware of a way to get flex fuel or wheel speed sensors into the stock Ford ECU based solutions.

    Hopefully someone who's more familiar with HP Tuners can chime in on how much flex fuel tunability this can offer - I'm not sure how much of the flex fuel settings HP Tuners has cracked.


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      Thank you for the information.



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        A go pro placed watching the dash, and out the dash, to be able to view the cars lunch/lift and track rpm(tach) and one watching the rear tire for spin and how much.
        People in Brazil use 2 channel dash cams for this. the front cam to record the cars actions and rpm and the rear camera is set up to see the rear or front tires and ground.
        It might not give you a flash card/drive to plug into a laptop and look at graphs. but it'll tell you much of what your vehicle is doing and when. and can be used for other things when not needed in this way.
        oh, and it's cheap.
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          If you just need datalogging, rather than ECU and datalogging.... buy a datalogger. Wego3 or comparable, depends on the requirements.