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Dual fuel >>. MS3 sequential on gas, batch fire methanol - question on meth inj seq.

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  • Dual fuel >>. MS3 sequential on gas, batch fire methanol - question on meth inj seq.

    As part of the truck re-wire I'm converting over to sequential for the gas injection. The 6 gas injectors are installed in the head and the 12 methanol injectors are installed in the intake manifold spraying horizontal into the ports (4 valve head).

    The meth injectors will only come on:

    a) when enabled via a driver key seq,
    b) when table switch has occurred
    c) when the boost is over a threshold (TBD)

    The meth injector are being driven in batch mode via the MS 3.00 main board injector drivers. Question is what is the best pairing in the harness and s/w setup .. alternating or simultaneous ? Also # of squirts....???

    firing order being a straight GM 6 is 153642...

    Scott or anyone else that has gone down this route any thoughts on this?

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    I'm interested as well. Seeing as I also have a 6 (90deg V though) of similar displacement and am considering the MS3x as a longterm item, even if it's only to control methanol and the 4L80E.
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      I've had most luck with 2 squirts simultaneous on octane-on-demand setups like this. Another guy who's done it a lot is AtomicSix on here (or Atomic6?) - he's done it with both MS1-Extra and MS2-Extra using dual VE table.

      I think the idea will work perfectly, they have the transition in AtomicSix's customer cars down to literally "un noticeable" on a dyno and wideband. - catch the RealTuners Radio Podcast on Youtube, Facebook, iTunes, and anywhere else podcasts are distributed!


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        Thanks we'll start with this set up.