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  • LC-1 Error Code 8

    I've been playing with the tune on my car lately, and now after the car runs for eight to ten minutes the O2 sensor quit's reading. Turn the car off and turn it right back on and it right back to giving me a believable reading, until it error's out again. The LED is blinking a code 8.

    The Innovate manual calls it a "Sensor Timing Error", usually caused by a damaged or overheated sensor. Reading further into it, it says two things.

    1) Pull sensor and do a free air calibration, if that fails replace the sensor and/or move the sensor further down the exhaust.

    "Sometimes it’s possible to encounter Error 08 when the exhaust gas suddenly gets too rich. Normally the LC-1 will display a ‘too rich’ indication if the exhaust gas is too rich. If the mixture gets rich very suddenly, the LC-1 cannot distinguish between a too rich condition and a sensor timing error."

    Now I'm thinking it's likely option two, since I have been screwing around with the fuel map and more specifically was trying out the TunerStudio's "AutoTune", which is causing wild swings in AFR's at times. Also I don't believe my O2 sensor is that close to the exhaust ports to be overheating, it's down by the oil pan sump in the collector of the shorty header.

    I'm trying to arm chair diagnosis this while I'm at work so I have something meaningful to check after work and before I leave for the CC anti-tour on Thursday.

    So my question is, what are your experiences with Code 8 and how likely is it that I have to pull the sensor for a recalibration and/or replacement?
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    i have found that the best place for a sensor is about 2 inches after the collector on the exaust side not the header side but if your headers aren't coated there wont be any issues lol just my personal experience.


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      In my experience the code 8 goes away with a recalibration maybe 50-75% of the time. Pull it for a free air calibration and see what it does! If it's broken, buy one from an auto parts store that gives you a lifetime warranty - then take it back to them when you kill one the next time... - catch the RealTuners Radio Podcast on Youtube, Facebook, iTunes, and anywhere else podcasts are distributed!