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Megasquirt for ignition control

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  • Megasquirt for ignition control

    Wanting to upgrade ignition control on a turbo engine that might get EFI later. Was looking at the MSD 6530, then thought maybe using an MSIII would work with the ability to go to EFI later with less cost and effort. This is a V8 turbo with HEI style distributor with an old MSD 6AL blowing through a carb. Can the MSIII do what the MSD 6530 can do as far as features and controls? Need timing control, launch rev limits, max rev limit, maybe even boost control.

    I guess what I'm wanting to know is what would you use for the easiest swap using MS to do what the MSD 6530 can do with an eye towards going EFI later with the least amount of changes. I'm thinking MSIII can do what the MSD 6530 can do and be able to go EFI later with minimal effort.

    What do you guys think would be the best way to go? MSD 6530 now? Or one of the Megasquirts? IF MS which one and why? Will probably go with a pre-assembled unit if going with megasquirt.


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    One thing the MSD should do that the MS won't is change timing based on time. My guess is that the MSD is probably the better choice at the moment, unless he's sure he's going EFI in the near future.

    MSDs also have more rev limit options... but the MS might work, Brian Rock is using his MS just for timing control and he loves it. Do you guys need to have timing ramp after launch? - catch the RealTuners Radio Podcast on Youtube, Facebook, iTunes, and anywhere else podcasts are distributed!


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      Thanks for the input Scott.

      Doubt it will need timing adjust based on time. Would be nice, but not required. As long as it can be at full throttle on a rev limit, it will probably work. It doesn't launch like a drag car and probably never will.

      This is on the Cadillac. Switched to a bigger turbo and it doesn't spool as easy. The old locked timing isn't going to work anymore. Have any quick spool tips?

      The plan is to go EFI later, didn't want to spend $500 on the 6530 then spend again on the MS stuff later if the MS could do what I need now. The MS3 is more money now, but not by that much if you consider the other features it can do. (EFI, datalog, COP, boost control, launch control, etc)

      Ordered an MS3 with MSX board, Hope it works out. I'm sure you will get some questions from me about it later LOL.


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        As usual it took longer than it should and had some trouble, but the MS3X is in the car. Struggled with getting a good tach input from the HEI VR sensor, but it seems to be working now. Working on a crank sensor for future use.

        Now to get the launch control to work.