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IAC count and different mfg. IAC motors - same same?

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  • IAC count and different mfg. IAC motors - same same?

    So I'm reading on Idle Air Control motors and it looks like both Ford and GM use something like 0-100 for count. They are both PWM as far as I can tell, right? So if I have a GM ECM sending signal to a Ford IAC, I'm guessing it will still be able to learn an idle... I'd assume (haven't found out for sure yet) that they would both be +5v signals?

    I don't like the idea of hacking a GM throttle body onto a Ford manifold. They use totally different shapes for the IAC and it impacts the TB footprint. The Ford unit almost looks dainty in comparison. I'd set the minimum idle speed and not worry too much about it, but when the A/C comes on, I need it to be able to idle higher.

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    The key is in knowing the high and low pins for each winding of the motor. Should be a high/low A and a high/low B circuit (4 wires). Most of the IACs post 1998 (stepper motor style) can be about the same count wise if the basic throw and pintle valve head are the same, and compatible with your housing, but the gain and response are different from sensor to sensor and need to be tuned to get the steps you need in the software for proper action. I like the 98 GM V8 IACs. Compact and quick and they dont seem to fail much. You can find the pinouts on Alldata or other websites depending on the IAC type. Below is the esoteric GM IAC to BS3...
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      Thanks BKB - I found out that the IAC I wanted to use was a PWM, not a stepper motor, so thought out the window! I'll either have to build an adapter plate to put the GM TB on the Ford intake or and adaptor to use the GM IAC on the Ford TB. I think they make the latter, but 100.00 - I'll try my own first.
      Flying south, with a flock of bird dogs.