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cam sensor tech, questions cam in block,, not ohc

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  • cam sensor tech, questions cam in block,, not ohc

    after not sleeping for a few days,, between wakes, I was pondering things..
    being the type that does things all or nothing, I looked over a few cam sensors at work.
    cause if I try efi I want synquental(sp) but not be forced into a newer block..
    have yet to see a newer cam that have the part that triggers the sensor..
    on a v8 how many triggers are on the cam.. is it one fly'n magnet to let the ecu know where the cam is, or is there one every 90 degrees, 180 degrees, every 45 degrees..
    or are there differences depending on engine. or are they all running the same amount of triggers.. to inform the ecu.. or is it like a crank missing tooth wheel??

    got an idea in my head for a set up but can seem to figure out.. what triggers the sensor, and how many are on the cam..
    don't know the correct wording, to get a good hit on google.. for info..

    thinking of making a set up that any ole school v8 block could use...

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    Iirc on 5.0 exploders they use the distributor as a cam sensor, and it's just a one post deal with magnetic pickup. I don't know if any of the other OEMs retrofit a distributor to act as a cam sensor or not. Maybe looking at the illustrations one some of the parts sites could given you an idea.