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msII tuning and farting around, is this netbook good for that

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  • msII tuning and farting around, is this netbook good for that

    this mini 1012 is coming with a new laptop, wifes neice needs one so. somehow neice is getting wifes, wife took mine and I get to get a new one for my xmas gift that I get to payfor, but whatever..

    so this thing is 349.00 (the notepad mini 1012) but only 99.99 when you buy a laptop..
    so is this thing gonna do..
    thanks.. if it won't for 99 bucks it'll be the cheapest music storage..
    Social Connection

    The Mini 10 makes it easy to stay connected to your world almost anywhere you go with built in WiFi, Bluetooth and Ethernet, connections*. Be there when you can

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    Mobile Entertainment

    The Mini 10 is designed to give you access to your favorite entertainment. When you’re on the go, you can still be connected to email, social networking sites, shopping and more.

    Powerful Performer

    With long-lasting battery life(*) (up to 8 hours, 44 minutes), you’ll be able to do more of what you want and stay connected(*) longer.

    Room to Store

    With a standard 250GB hard drive that holds up to 71,000 photos or up to 62,000 songs, it is easier to access and see life as it happens on the go.


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      rest of specs are on link page near the end


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        The TunerStudio program is a simple Java program. Doesn't take much horsepower to run. I've asked for a cheap netbook for my birthday or Christmas to use on the car and travel a bit lighter. If I don't get one I'll buy one.
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          current netbooks are way the hell hotter than what you need. Seem like what you are really getting is a new battery... the battery for my old Toshiba is about the same price as a new netbook and they'll stomp on it from a performance standpoint.

          The only thing I would sweat is USB <=> Com port , and I think there are adapters for that (older boards)
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            I use a mini 9 for datalogging with my Mongoose and your 10 has a lot more beans, so it should be perfect.


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              Most any notebook or laptop has the resources to run the software. It will be the USB to serial connection that might be a problem as posted above. Some have no problem, I've never gotten an adapter to work properly.


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                I use a cheapy lap top the small one from walmart

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