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  • CAN Bus


    Is a CAN Bus a standardized network format? My Lincoln LS has just about everythign on the CAN Bus it seems and has a A4LD descendant 5R55N which is know for being "adequate" for stock usage.

    The Jag S-type with the same 3.0L Duratec uses a ZF 6HP26 which has an internal controller. Would the Ford CAN Bus be putting out data in a standardized format that the Jaguar (but Ford owned at the time) transmission module would be able to interpret properly?

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    Re: CAN Bus

    it's my understanding that CAN Bus is just the network layer, and not the protocol. Like the Ethernet part and not the TCP/IP on top of it for comparison. It's just the collision detection / carrier / delivery mechanism.

    If your trans controllers speak the same protocol, and have the same endpoint maps, (like RPC in my mind) then you have a chance.
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      Re: CAN Bus

      Beagle is correct. You can plug devices in to the Bus but they only talk to each other via proprietary interfaces.

      Just like you can put two computers on an Ethernet network, in order for them to talk there's a lot more that needs to happen. Communication methods between devices on CAN networks are completely proprietary.

      For example, the Megasquirt and IO Extender devices expect others to query or "poll" for their information. Yet the AIM, Stack and Motec digital dashes expect an ECU to "push" data to them. In either case you have to follow a procedure to open a socket, establish communications, and push or pull the data.

      And getting the information for how that works with OEM devices is likely not easy. - catch the RealTuners Radio Podcast on Youtube, Facebook, iTunes, and anywhere else podcasts are distributed!


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        Re: CAN Bus

        be glad it is not primitive UART
        800 circuit short ..oh brother