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Megasquirt crank sensor mounting questions

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    Re: Megasquirt crank sensor mounting questions

    I might as well add my two cents to the fray. I didn't weld mine at all, I had a machine shop use a lathe to open up the stock '91 escort trigger wheel to the diameter of a flattened off part of the Buick crank pulley. The fit is tight, but not interference tight. I then drilled 4 holes in it and used roll pins to hold it in place. If the roll pins showed signs of moving I was going to replace them with screws set in from inside the hub outwards, but they haven't moved at all. Of course I don't zing my engine any higher than 6,000rpm.

    The turned flat pulley.

    Escort trigger wheel slid on.

    One of 4 roll pin points.

    Then the setup doing it's job.
    Escaped on a technicality.