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    Lets talk fuel a little. I have not purchased a pump yet and i will be running E85. I have been looking at the new Holley pumps and they specifically state they are E85 compatible. Anybody tried these? Opinions? Also, I am injecting above the blower only (no ports) and I will not be using fuel rails. I have heard about the benefits of fuel rails but I want to maintain the nostalgic look so all my hardlines will be running from a distribution block behind the hat. Should I compensate by running slightly higher fuel pressue? Lastly, I know the regulator should be as close as possible to the injectors and that the pump needs to be lower than the tank sump but the only place to put the pump is about midway between the tank and the motor (perhaps 4.5 feet from the tank). Is that too far?


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    I am nearly the only guy other than DieselGeek who is doing much with E85, hence why it took two months to get a reply. I have run E85 through Holley, Carter, and factory pumps without issue, save for one getting clogged by the varnish and crud the gasoline left in the tank. Its not methanol, not even like it, and methanol stuff is overkill for ethanol. The only thing is some plastics that have an issue with ethanol, and if the pump can handle 10% ethanol pump gas, it can handle E85 without issue.

    About the hard lines and related issues, I dont know since I havent had the opportunity to mess with mechanical injection yet, or running EFI in a blown application like you are. This spring I plan to build an EFI system for my 455 that can only run on E85 or E100, still in the parts collecting stage.


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      We run E85 in a Areomotive A1000 and a Magna Fuel no issues
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        I had a problem with a Walbro pump letting go when I used E85. You shouldn't have that problem with one that states its compatible.

        4.5 feet from the tank is a bit far. The pumps like to push, not pull. I have my weldon above the tank, and use a check valve to keep it primed. The first prime is a bitch, but if you don't run out of fuel, it shouldn't be a problem from then on.
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          I'm taking the E85 direction with my '71 Camaro, but I'm going to take the easy way out, I'm going to get a Fast EZ EFI 2.0, it is both gas and E85 compatible, it'll support 1200hp, and it self tunes and gives you ignition control..... As for fuel pumps IMO nobodies better than Aeromotive.........