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  • Data collection for base tune

    It has been suggested to connect my MS1 and collect data while I am still running a carb (strictly for data collection purposes). If I do this, can this info be converted into something I build my base tune off of? Will the MS build a table off of this data?
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    Re: Data collection for base tune

    I wish, but it does not. It will give you a baseline for AFR's to target at various rpm's though. If you purchase the licensed version of MegaLogViewer you can look at the data in scatter plot form, with Y-axis as manifold pressure (kpa) and X-axis as RPM and have the Z-color be AFR and you will get a pretty good graphical idea where on an target AFR table to set the target AFR's. Of course if you think the carb is too lean or to rich at various points to can modify the table at that point.
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