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The efi junkyard part hunt..

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  • The efi junkyard part hunt..

    With the msI/II
    what sensors would need to be from a v8 and what ones could be from any g.m. 4/6/8
    or does it matter?
    can't do anything at the moment, but like to have a nice list to go off of, and just pull what I'd need one day..
    it seem that maybe the 4 banger injector wires would be ideal for a bank set up.. without having to find a v8 harness that's complete and not butchered at the u pull it.
    I'm sure it's another stupid question.
    sorry about that..
    the mega manual just says g.m. sensors iirc and some ford .

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    Re: The efi junkyard part hunt..

    Nothing is required to be from the 4-6-8, not sure where that thought comes from.

    Ones I would grab are:
    Coolant Temp sensor and plug
    Intake Air Temp sensor and plug (I prefer the open element ones mounted in the air box or intake hose with a grommet)
    I grab injector plugs from LT-1 or Northstar engines when possible that have the numbers 1 through 8 labeled on them. Just cut the wire 2-3" from the plug, you're better off making your own harness unless you grab a whole chevy V8 harness and want to thin it. 4 cylinder plugs work fine just aren't numbered higher than 4.

    That's all you really need unless your throttle body doesn't have a TPS sensor (or IAC and you want one) then grab one appropriately. Almost all the sensors in MegaSquirt default to GM sensors but the MegaSquirt can be recalibrated to about any sensor.
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      Re: The efi junkyard part hunt..

      I think Mark is asking what sensors are V8 specific, and which ones can come from any GM... you answered it.

      I can only think of one specific part: The cam position sensor / dizzy stub should come from a late model V engine, with cam type (steel/iron) in mind.
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        Re: The efi junkyard part hunt..

        Oh, yeah and with the exception of the injector plugs, I just grab from random GM cars, 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder or 8-cylinder engines. Gotcha
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          Re: The efi junkyard part hunt..

          The 98 Chev 5.7 has about everything you'd need for easily obtainable Packard "weatherpack" basic connections. Ford and Mopar used harder to come by proprietary connectors. Most all of the "sensors" do the same thing across the mfg board, and like SB says, the MS can be calibrated for virtually any input. Ive found the GM IAC motor from 98 and up works "better" than the earlier ones and other makes. Mounting issues will also dictate what sensors you can scrape up. Domestic TPS units come in two basic flavors, a blade style actuator and a D shaped actuator the later GM stuff uses the D actuator TPS and has a proprietary but easy to find connector. The blade style actuated TPS units can be had with a basic weather pack 3 pin connector, but some are keyed. I guess the bottom line is find sensors that mount to your throttle body, water jacket, manifold etc. mechanically and make sure to grab the connectors with them. Injector plugs come in two basic styles USCAR and Minitimer. Grab the harness that fits your injectors. IMO the minitimer style connectors (rectangular plug) are a lot tougher than the USCAR style (ovalized rectangular plug) if you are going to be onning and offing them a lot. Just make sure your injectors fit the plugs and your golden.

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